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Too often do we find ourselves in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction at the least convenient moments. Either a split in a skirt or pants, or an unexpected tear in the closet, are some of the most common issues we come across. This can be easily remedied if only we change some of our habits in taking care of our clothes. You can get a lot more use out of them if you do, and eventually save money in the long-run. As well as following care instructions and choosing better quality, you should also look at hangers to help you out. They are quite useful in resolving your wardrobe woes.


The instructions for the clothing after washing will also be where you found the washing instructions. Some are not meant to be ironed, and those that are will specify a temperature if necessary. Hanging your clothes up neatly not only helps reduce wrinkles, but will also reduce the time required to iron. Crumpled clothes require longer ironing which burns electricity and also your money. Follow all instructions carefully to avoid damaging your clothes. Once ironed, plastic hangers work well to keep them safe.


Kid’s clothes rotate quite fast as they grow out of them. However, you should still teach them to practice care for their clothes as they will take them forward. Help them categorise their clothes according to home, special events and sports for example. This will help them know which is what as well as taking appropriate care. Once laundry is done, get them involved in the folding and teach them the right techniques. Efficient storage will allow them too to pick up on those traits and do it themselves one day.


Having staple items of clothing such a good pair of jeans, a coat, shoes and so on help your outfit come together. The thing about staples though, is that they wear out quickly due to extended wear. Since they are some the most worn pieces of clothing, they need to be replaced often. Consider buying more than one of some as this means you will be able to rotate between them ensuring longer life in each. This will also save you time and money on travelling constantly to keep replacing the old ones. Identify some key pieces you like and will need and zero in on a store with good prices. While you are it, get some hangers if you do not have any. Until you get proper ones, plastic hangers will do.


If there is anything that ruins clothes, it is not drying them well. Damp clothes breakdown faster therefore it is essential that you dry them fully. Not only does it allow for tears, it also smells musty and you cannot wear it unless you wash and dry it again. Drying in the sun is very effective, although you should take care to not let them be out for too long, especially where dark clothes are concerned. Dryers are all effective, however overloading it will not dry your clothes well. If outside is the only option and the weather is bad, a fan works as well.

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