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Once you have finally become accustomed to riding a sports bike on the road, you may want to take a step further and get involved with the world of dirt bike riding. Although both types of bikes seem to be fairly similar to each other, there are many differences which make dirt bike riding an entirely separate area of interest from riding bikes on the road. As such, you will likely encounter some issues when you first start riding off-road. That is exactly why you may find this guide to be of some use in the next couple of months, while you still come to grips with this new life experience.

Careful with Your Bike Choice

After riding a large 1000cc sportbike on the road for years, you may assume that riding a 450cc bike off-road won’t be much of a problem, as you are already used to bikes with more than twice this engine capacity. Nevertheless, this is one of those mistakes that many beginners make, as they then find out that riding off-road requires much more control and precision. Therefore, always start with something smaller (something with around 100cc is enough for most beginners out there).

Wear Protective Equipment

In order to protect yourself from falls (which will inevitably occur in the first few months), you may want to invest in some protective gear, such as motocross body armour, to lessen the chances of getting injured. After all, you probably don’t want to get sidelined after just a few days’ worth of riding your dirt bike, do you?

Decide What You Want to Do with Your Bike

Being in possession of a dirt bike allows you to do whatever you want with it. Some people prefer to use them for racing in motocross events. These require preparation and lots of practice (as well as some basic and cheap motocross gear), so try to join a local club in order to get a few miles under your belt before tackling your first event. You can also decide to try your hand at trail riding, which is sort of like cruising with your friends through disconnected terrain. It is fun and not a competitive type of event perfect for those who like exploring the wilderness.

Practice Balancing on a Bike

Having a good deal of balance is necessary for all dirt bike riders. This skill can only be honed through practice alone, which is exactly the reason why you should not attempt any crazy and dangerous maneuvers without a good sense of bike control.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Eyes on the road always when riding a bike! You never know what may be just a few meters ahead of you: even a simple irregularity of small rock can catch you napping and throw your balance off in a matter of seconds. A lot of riders experience this the hard way: don’t be like them and instead keep your reflexes sharp at all times.