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Planning a party takes lots of energy and a lot more cash. Large sums of money is needed to host a lavish party with top class foods and entertainment. Remember, a good party is only if it’s special and memorable to the people. Besides the usual birthday party there are many other parties being celebrated like wedding showers, High school Reunion and Baby showers so hosting a Party on a budget doesn’t only save up cash but also makes planning more fun and very interesting. Here are some ideas to plan a simple yet memorable party that is enjoyed by everyone especially you.

Skip Mealtimes

Holding a party during a mealtime is very expensive because food is an important factor of the party. So plan a party on times other than mealtimes. The ideal time to host a party is in the evening because people aren’t very hungry since they’ve had lunch.

Plan a Dual Party

Hosting a Party with another person is easy because you can share the cost as well as the responsibilities that come with planning a Party. If the friend of your child has a close birth date or shares the same day you can join together with the parent and co-host the party. You could also do this for a Mothers Day party but don’t forget to order personalized mothers day flowers for the special ladies.

Digital Invitations

Save cash and do not print cards. Make use of technology and send e-invitations to all the guests through email or social media. Also there are applications that send digital invitations for a small fee.

Thrifty Décor

Don’t spend too much on expensive party decorations that will be thrown away at the end of the day. Purchase reusable deco or make do with the simple things at home. You could also check with a experienced florist and get your hands on some pretty flowers at a cheap rate. This can be used as table deco for an elegant party.


Food is the priciest part of a party. Homemade food is a cheap option because bakeries charge high for party foods. You can search online for simple party foods and customize them according to the theme. This way you have a color coordinated food table that wasn’t costly. In the case of a birthday party, you can bake a lovely cake and purchase a topper for the finishing look.


Plan the party at a local park so you don’t have to spend on entertainment at all or plan no-cost activities like musical chairs, truth or dare and charades.