Want to bring in your favorite themes and style though your bedroom? This is why you need to pick a theme. Want to give it a cozy look through a cottage style or you like to be traditional with mixing furniture and bedding? Sometimes you might want to give your room a glimpse of the fairy land and sleep like a princess/prince. Or perhaps you want to follow the modern styles with cool colors and innovative furniture. So, keep reading because we came up with different bedroom themes you want to deck your room with.

Cozy cottage theme

Who doesn’t like to uplift the standards of their bedroom to a cozy cottage? Have you ever experienced the cozy and comfy feeling when you enter a cottage? If so, you will want the same for your bedroom. Try for a wooden bed. You can check from the furniture shops or even online. You can go for colors like white, pale blue, cream color, yellow and much more colors. For more inspiring ideas you can get help from online websites and house magazines too. For a fresh vibe you can also mix traditional and modern prints too your bedcovers and decors. The key detail is to match colors with all other aspects. Other ideas like a romantic canopy over your bed, a printed headboard, carved wooden mirrors, and floral sheets can increase the cozy feeling.

A little bit of vintage

Vintage is timeless and it’s a great theme. Start from a Victorian style bed and alpaca wool comforters, cool linen and also you can go for the printed bedcovers as well. In this theme colors like light brown, grey, white, shades of white, caramel, vanilla, apple green and black are ideal. As for the masterpieces you can go for French style furniture, painted floorboards, a stenciled wall panel, lace curtains, worn rugs, floral patterned wall papers and much more.

Tropical bedroom

Always like those tropics rainforest looks? Well bring it home to your bedroom.

Starting with colors like light green, rose, gray, brown would be great. It’s also nice to go for bright colors but it’s not always the best idea. So, go for soothing colors like this. For decor match colors with your bedding and wall colors. You can also try for one color and its many shades. For artwork and graphics try to go for the nature pictures and drawing so it will match well with the theme. You can also try for a Hawaiian style! Lastly, deck your nightstand with some tropical accessories but try to keep it simple as possible.

The seaside theme

This wonderful theme is perfect for anyone who loves the idea of corals and sea blue hues in their bedroom with a twist of seashells. It’s a simple theme but can make great change to your bedroom style. You can mix colors like sea blue, white, shades of blue, and brown for your wall and décor colors. It’s nice to go for white beddings but you can also choose light blue and check for coral prints too. Deck with sea shells, sea ornaments and a little bit of sea sand. Artworks to do with blue shades and the sea are ideal.