A first-aid kit is a crucial element in your travelling bag or at your home or any other place. As you know, there are no specific times or days that an accident or injury could happen. Hence, being equipped with the right tools will be highly beneficial to you. Here are some guidelines and categories for you to have all the necessary tools in place in your first-aid kit.

1. Bleeding
The first thing that pops into your head when you talk about a first aid kit is wounds and required tools. To stop bleeding, close wounds and prevent infection, you need to have the obvious bandages, plasters, gauze, safety pins or duct tape to keep the bandage in place, a pair of scissors to cut gauze and if possible a small bottle or tube of germ killer.

2. Infection
If you are wounded, you are prone to infection. This will worsen your wound hence it is important to be prepared for it. Apart from the gauze and germ killers already packed for wounds, you will antiseptics and disinfectants as Peroxide, Iodine etc. Also, antibiotics and ointment creams such as Dermatix silicone gel will be useful to prevent this.

3. Pimples and allergies
Well, if you are out on a business trip or a function or even just on holiday, you need to look perfect in photographs. Sudden change in climates can cause skin irritation, pimples and allergies. If you have specific medication for allergies, take them along with you. Keep in mind that Benadryl is one of the best antihistamines which will reduce allergies. Dermatix scar reduction gel, sunscreen etc. are also beneficial to help prevent scarring.

4. Pain
Pain killers will help you get through most injuries or pains. If you have a headache and you have some important work to attend to, these pain killers will be your savior. It will not only prevent pain but also decrease inflammation. The common pain killers are aspirin, panadene and brufen.

5. Other
Apart from the above you should have other common tools such as emergency dental kit, sterile needles, moisturizing lotion and also grooming tools nail clippers, soap, wet wipes etc.

It’s not all about packing your first-aid kit with all these tools. You should make sure you check them once in two weeks and replace any expired medicines. The last thing you need is get poisoned by your medicines. As a result, keep your kit up to date and be prepared for any situation.