When you are starting any kind of business, profitable or non-profitable organisation, you along with other pioneers would discuss about various aspects of the group. For example, when you are starting a small business like stitching orders for companies, you would look into various aspects like the place where you are going to start the company, the cost of machinery, people to employ as your employee, how to pay the rent and various other thing. But often employers will find that there is a huge disharmony within their employees because of various reasons. It should be noted that people will not always follow rules and play right; people will twist and break rules according to their own needs and change in their wants. Therefore, as their employers; you should look at these major things that are more likely to happen.

Sign an agreement

It is hugely important to sign contracts between the employers and employees. For example, if you are running a milk protein powder formula making industry, and the person is hired to create new milk protein mixes formulas, you should make sure to make them sign a contract stating the conditions and clauses, the statement of privacy, the formula should be traded only to your company. The proceeding of the research should not be discussed with other people including close friends. If the formula is found to be shared with some other individual or friend or most importantly rivalry company, the company has rights to sue them and ask them for a composition. This is applicable to any kind of workers and work. By using, this method any company secret will be maintained with secrecy.

Dress codes and proper dressing styles

You should make sure the employees understand that there is a very strictly maintained dress code. It is very important to implement this in companies where in the employees come in contact with clients or other public faces. The employees are the face of public in your company. If they are found to be dressed improperly or under dressed, it will badly impact your own company’s reputation since they represent your company. If not, you can just buy workwear uniforms for all your employees. This can be considered as a source of making money as well as when they come to your office; many people will see the logo of the company imprinted in their shirt and you will get more free publicity or advertisement. Moreover, if it is hazardous jobs like cleaning glass windows or any kind of job that needs specialization, you will have to provide them with the necessary dress. For example, a chef would need a cover all, mainly when he is handling fire. It is better to just buy these clothes rather than let them get hurt, which means you will have to fully or partly cover their medical expenses and have their position their position free till they get better. If you think the above mentioned situations are bad, they can cause more trouble by bringing this problem to courts; which means bad publicity and reputation to your company.

Ground rules about inequality

You should make sure there is no inequality showed to any worker in any way. Nowadays, it is famous to find people discriminating Muslims or any person from the Islamic religion. You can also find people being abused about their sexual preferences. It is important to enforce rules in your company to avoid this sort of trouble. If you have your own personal prejudice with some kind of people, you should either get help from professionals or just not hire them. At some point, when they are working with you, though you are good at differentiating work and personal; you will exhibit your dislike to them and the group belong to. In the end, we are all human beings and that’s all matters.