When refrigerators initially came on to the market, they had a single door and coolers weren’t even a choice. Once the cooler was added into the design, you either had a cooler on top or a French door design that rapidly turn out to be the standard, with the refrigerator cooler on one, and the ice cooler on the other.
But these days, the bottom cooler design has turn out to be more and more popular. In these products, the upper part is separated into either a single large door or two French doors for chilling and the cooler is positioned in a drawer beneath. Some cheap fridge freezers Melbourne are further divided to the bottommost into two cooler drawers.
So, why are bottom cooler drawers so wide spread? Supporters point to a few benefits these items have over their cooler-on-top cousins. For one, the cooler bottom arrangement puts the food and drinks used up most frequently inside easy reach. Cold foods are made less use of, so having them at the lower part leaves ample amount of space for all of the fresh foods and drinks being cooled at eye level. This means no more bending down to get into the veggie drawer.
Another benefit to this creation is that the refrigerator part is extra wide, making it probable to stock bigger things like pizza cases or party platters. Bottom cooler drawer models can come attached to cheap fridge freezers and are also usually a little more competent than French door devices. Everyone knows that warm air increases, so it just makes logic to have the coolest items at the bottom of the device. 

At the end, it actually comes down to individual liking, but you cannot debate with the acceptance of bottom cooler designs.
• Upright Coolers
Upright coolers have turn out to be a prevalent select amongst those who are shopping for a new cooler since of their convenience and organization prospective. They provide the following advantages;
• They could be kept in the kitchenette, utility room, garage, underground room, or wherever else that has an opening.
• They are simply reachable because of their hinged door style which permits for stress-free admission to things on every shelf.
• They are used to those who are used to the style upright refrigerators.
• Chest Coolers
Chest coolers, which are coolers designed like a huge box with a hinged cover that opens upward, are an inexpensive select for those who desire to cool a great quantity of food long term. Even though they offer less entree to all of your food and need a bit more area than some other cooler kinds.
• They come in a diversity of models comprising small makes that provide 2.1 cubic feet of area to salable models.
• They are ideal for fixing big and bulking objects that usually do not fit well in a refrigerator’s cooling part.