Whether or not the marriage works out in the end, a honeymoon is pretty difficult to forget. But few couples realize that the details fade over time, what with work, children and all the other problems of living. To keep the memories of that magical time alive, you need memento: something small and evocative that you immediately associate with the place and experiences of wherever you went on your honeymoon, so that no matter how many years have elapsed, you still remember it like yesterday.Here are some suggestions for the sort of mementos you can and should bring back from your honeymoon:

The Sea, the Sand and the Waves

Many couples elect to go to the beach for their honeymoon. The passion and vitality that the sea symbolizes no doubt draw those who look for those things in their marriage. One of the commonest and coolest things you can take as a memento is sea shells which you collect on the beach. If the beach is devoid of any, then visit a local gift shop where you will no doubt be able to buy (sometimes fake) sea shells and conch shells. When you come home you can string them and hand them as ornaments or frame them to hang on the wall. 

Visit the Vine Country

The romance of preserving wine for years, sometimes centuries, draws honeymoon couples in droves to stay at French chateaux and vineyard cottages. Many of these places have special honeymoon packages where couples can participate in the process of making wine by picking the grapes. The wine shop will usually have bottles and small wine barrels for sale, which you can purchase as a memento of your time there.

The advantage of purchasing a suitable wine barrels for sale over bottles is that a bottle may get lost over subsequent moves, but a barrel will last until you decide to throw it out.

Luxury Hotels or Cruises

The honeymoon is a once in a lifetime chance so couples spring for a special experience they wouldn’t pay for normally; hence the stay in a luxury hotel or going on a cruise. The best mementos here would be pictures and videos of all the different things that make the experience special. Is the food out of this world? Is the view breathtaking? Did you swim in an infinity pool? Whatever you do, record it on film and make sure you print some of the photos when you get back so you can indulge in nostalgia someday.