Most people do not realize this but the world around us is sick and everyday it is getting sicker. We live in an era where young people are developing illnesses that were once only known to occur in old people as a result of old age and as a result of the body decaying. We live in a world where heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and many other diseases are rampant. Young girls who would once only reach puberty, or marriageable age as it was called in years past, at the age of fifteen are now mature at the tender age of six or seven. The amount of female hormones in men has risen significantly causing various diseases. At some point, we as humans need to stop and ask ourselves what is happening to the world and why these terrible changes are occurring. The answer is in the food we eat.

Whole foods plant based lifestyle

In the face of all this disease and illness, one of the best things that you can do for your body and for the world is to adopt a clean, whole foods, plant based diet. There are hundreds of types of raw protein foods available that are easy to prepare and can be just as quick to prepare as any other dangerous fast food from the store.

Most people have a concern about the amount of protein they will receive on a plant based diet and if that protein will be sufficient. The truth is, there is more than enough protein in the plant based world for humans to thrive and if these people are unable to eat a healthy meal every day that boosts the health of your nervous system, they can always supplement with vegan and gluten free protein powder if they are still concerned.

We have, through the years changed our eating habits drastically, switching from a clean, whole foods diet to a diet that is primarily comprised of processed junk food that is laced with hormones, chemicals, preservatives and everything that is bad for our bodies. The reason that most health authorities and food companies do not pay too much attention to the chemicals in our food and the disease that it causes is that they have a lot to gain from this addictive unhealthy, lifestyle. Most of the processed food that we eat every day is highly addictive and makes us go back for more which translates to a lot of money for these companies and taxes for the government. It also means more money for hospitals when people get sick.